Windows Services

Windows Install Or Upgrade | Upgrade to Windows 7 with Microsoft Security Essentials Today!

Windows Install or Upgrade – $130

Complete Windows Installation

This service is most often used when a system has completely crashed due to virus problems, windows update issues, or hardware failure. Data backup and restore is necessary for this service and is highly recommended that we perform the data backup for you.

Things to consider before a windows install:

  • All of your data will be removed from the system. A data backup is necessary.
  • All of your programs and settings will be removed. Your programs will need re-installed, so be prepared to locate any and all discs or digital downloads of software. We are able to assist in re-installing any software on your computer.
  • Your system will not look the same as it did prior to the install. This is because your personal settings are lost and files may or may not be restored in the exact location in which they resided prior to the install.