Has your business expanded and outgrown your desktop(s) capabilities? In order to maintain the high level performance of your company’s operations, you often need to assess your current networking solution. TRU Computers can offer assistance as your company grows.

Our small business division focuses on networking solutions for companies with 2-25 employees. If you are looking to expand beyond two computers, a server may be required to maintain adequate performance and enhance connectivity. New server systems provide the ability to connect multiple users. The server will act as a host for files and proprietary programs, while providing remote sharing and data protection.

New servers must integrate new server solutions. If you are considering a new system or are upgrading a system, your current computers may need to be upgraded or replaced as well. One of the requirements is that all computers must have the Professional version of Windows.
With TRU Computers, there is ZERO downtime to migrating from an old server to a new one. The downtime is limited to a switch of a button-off and on. We handle moving the data, users and servers.

TRU Computers offers a FREE consultation at your place of business to analyze your networking needs. We will work with you to increase your networking capabilities as your business grows.

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