Security & Data Protection

If you are looking to go to a server environment, you must ensure that your data is secure and protected. TRU Computers can offer recommendations when purchasing new equipment for your company. If you are looking to upgrade equipment or security software, or are interested in assessing your environment’s vulnerability, we can test your current system.

We are able to install and configure SonicWall, firewalls, and any anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spam filters. SonicWall, highly recommended by TRU computers, protects your network, systems, users and data from cyber threats without compromising network performance.

Not only do viruses and cyber threats pose a risk for small businesses, but loss of data due to a server failure or potential fire can bring your business to a halt. Ensuring you have a solid data back-up plan is essential to keeping your business running.

TRU Computers partners with Carbonite to offer a cloud-based back-up plan. This product has applications in many industries due to it being HIPAA compliant and having military grade encryptions.
The Carbonite Data Back-up Plan is a yearly fee that can be paid monthly.