What Our Customers Want You to Know

TRU COMPUTERS in Bethel Park has become a comfort zone like no other. I am a nurse with two teenagers and I would say I have less than a lay person’s knowledge of laptop computers and programs. The last few years with laptops have been nothing short of a nightmare. The GEEKSQUAD at Best Buy seemed to be the only game in town at one point and they knew it: thus the endorsed highway robbery that occurred a few years ago when I went in with a disabled laptop. When it was over I ended up paying over the value of the miserable computer. Then I had a computer emergency one night and through McAfee got booted over to another India based “support” company that basically used terror tactics to talk me into another $379.00 worth of nothing. Literal hours on the phone with them resulted in three laptops worse off than when I started.

When I saw the new computer company sign (TRU Computers) go up I was skeptical. However in short order I was impressed. This company is owned by a highly professional, engaging young man who is truly committed to customer service. He immediately put me at ease, fixed my three laptops in a timely manner and did so at a very affordable rate. He did offer a “maintenance” plan at a reasonable price which gave me the additional reassurance that my expensive laptops would never be at the mercy of the GEEKSQUAD again. I have been there a number of times now for maintenance as well as quick issues that were easily managed by the owner and staff there. It is without any hesitation that I would strongly endorse this young man and his exciting new company.

Stacy Love
Nov 10.2011