Tru Computers… Who are We?


It’s 5:00pm on Friday and you have a major presentation due Monday. Your plans this weekend: spending the next 36 hours cozied up with your computer. You head home, pick up a pizza, turn on your computer and then it happens…

It’s as if you’ve time-warped back to the floppy-disk days of 1993. All you see is a blank screen and a message typed in an archaic font:

IT Services

You panic and then remember, the “big box” store offers computer repair services! You grab a slice of pizza, pack up your computer and off you go.
Once inside, the 10-person line brings you back into panic mode. You think, “Is it possible everyone needs their computer fixed right now!” After 45 minutes, one of their “experts” are ready to help. You nervously joke about the evening you’ve just had and they flatly interrupt, “Sorry, we don’t handle this brand or operating system”.
Panic Level – HIGH.

Better call the Boss.

If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, then you’ve felt this despair.
At TRU Computers, we are here to help you tackle all of your computer problems. We are conveniently located in Bethel Park, PA and pride ourselves on being experts in troubleshooting and repair services.

Why choose Tru Computers?

  • We are certified technicians in both MAC and Windows operating systems
  • We provide full service repair of both hardware & software for every major and minor manufacturer
  • We manually eradicate all traces of spyware, viruses, or malware
  • We have unbeatable guarantees

Our repair services include:

  • PC Setup, training, repair and technical support
  • Wired / Wireless Networking and setup of in home devices/printers
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades & Installation
  • Operating System Updates and memory upgrades
  • Anti-Virus Removal

So, visit the REAL experts at TRU COMPUTERS at 4522 Library Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102 or call us 412-854-1330.