TRU Computers – Pittsburgh’s Hub for Lenovo Laptops

Everyone has heard of brands like HP, Dell, Apple and Sony. What about IBM? You know, that little computer company that invented the first PC back in 1981? Yeah, those guys!

But, what about Lenovo?

Well, if you’ve heard of IBM, then you need to meet Lenovo! Why? Because Lenovo is a world leader in PCs, laptops and workstations and in 2004, the ever so famous global giant IBM announced it was selling its Personal Computing Division a.k.a. the ThinkPad Brand to Lenovo, solidifying Lenovo’s roots in the IT revolution.

Known for the red eraser-like laptop mouse solution called TrackPoint®, an ergonomic keyboard and multi touch touchpads, Lenovo brought home an unprecedented 18 Red Dot Awards in 2016, the IT industry’s equivalent to the Oscars.

At TRU Computers, we are proud to sell the Lenovo ThinkPad Brand including:lenovo computers

  • ThinkPad E550
  • ThinkPad T550
  • ThinkPad T540p
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon Book

With Intel processing and a list of warranties, these trusted ThinkPad’s are great for the home or office and with our Services and Software Bundle you’ll receive:

  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • 1 Hour of Training
  • Data Transfer from your old PC
  • 12 Months of In-Store Support

We also offer an array of laptop services including:

  • Wireless networking
  • Hardware and Software upgrades
  • OS upgrades
  • Repair & Tech Support
  • Anti-Virus installation & removal

So, if you didn’t know Lenovo, before. Now you do! And if you’ve never been to TRU Computers, please stop by. We are conveniently located in Bethel Park, PA, just 8 miles south of Downtown Pittsburgh and minutes from the T Station at Washington Junction. We are experts in troubleshooting and repair and our products and service are unbeatable. Call or email us at 412-854-1330 or

TRU Computers – If it seems TOO good, it must be TRU!