12 Month In-Store Support

Pittsburgh Computer Repair In-Store Support


12 Month In-Store Support 1 PC  –  $175

  • Unlimited In-Store Support which covers any computer issues non-hardware related.
  • Unlimited malware/spyware/virus removal
  • Unlimited Computer Maintenance visits for slow running machines
  • Computer Backup Included


12 Month In-Store Support 3 PC W/ Remote Support  –  $250

Same features as our 12 Month In-Store Support for 1 PC but also including:

  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Up to 3 computers are covered by the plan
  • %15 discount on all services and accessories in the store.
  • Computer Backup Included

12 Month In-Store Support Platinum Plan  –


Same features as our 12 Month In-Store Support for 1 PC but also including:

  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Free Expedited Service
  • Computer Backup Included



What’s included with the 12 Month In-Store Support Plan?

Complete System Cleaning, Windows & Hard Drive Maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is similar to changing the oil in your car. Windows machines get cluttered over time. Things begin to run slower and slower as time goes on. We perform extensive hard drive maintenance algorithms to fully optimize the functionality of the hard drive making it run like new again.

The windows registry is thoroughly scanned to fix any errors that may cause windows to crash.  All temporary files stored from internet usage are cleaned up to make your system run like new again.

Dust build up in the desktop computer is much more than you would think. Since most towers sit in a closed area, the dust has nowhere to go but build up inside the machine and fans. This dust can cause major electronic issues. Dust causes static electricity build up. This is very bad for any electronic device, especially a computer. Laptops are also prone to dust problems because their fans are usually on the bottom of the machine which pulls in lint and hair from clothing.

This includes opening the desktop tower and vacuuming and spraying all electronic parts with canned air to completely remove any and all dust. All system fans and induction grates are vacuumed to allow for better airflow and cooling. This service is performed twice during the term.

Complete Spyware\Malware\Virus Removal

Spyware and viruses from the internet are everywhere. They can be picked up from simply viewing video files. A lot of spyware web sites trick the user into thinking they need a special plug-in to view the page or content. This is how the virus gets into your system. No anti-virus software can protect you from everything. Most software, i.e. Norton, just uses up half of your system resources and slows your computer to a halt. Virus companies know that most systems run these programs so they make their viruses hide themselves from them.

If at any time you obtain spyware, malware, rootkits or any other malicious software, just bring your machine into the store to have the virus removed at no cost to you.

15% Discount on Accessories & Future Services (12 Month 3 PC Support Plan Only)

You will receive 15% off all future service work you do with us no matter what computer we repair.  Receive a %30 discount on all accessories purchased the day of the plan.

Remote Technical Support (12 Month 3 PC Support Plan Only)

We provide free, unlimited remote technical support on our family plan. We will establish a remote session with you over the phone and be able to provide assistance with any issues you are having while you sit comfortably at home.

Computer Backup

We provide our own backup service on-site that will continuously protect your machine against malware, encryption, and accidental deletion. We house the backups on our in-house server so you data is always available to you at anytime.

Key Benefits of Virus Removal

Here at TRU Computers we like to call our virus solution, human anti-virus. Software can only provide so much protection. Norton, Mcafee, Webroot, etc., cannot keep up with the companies producing the viruses and spyware on the internet. Why pay for a subscription when you are still vulnerable?

With this package, along with some recommended free anti-virus solutions, your system will always be safe.