Free Diagnosis

TRU Computers has always offered free diagnosis. We believe that you should know – up front – what is wrong with your computer, what it will cost to repair the problem, and when the repairs will be completed, PERIOD! We don’t ask you to: “Leave it with us for a couple days; we’ll give you a call.”, or require that you have a credit card and let us swipe it before we even open your laptop or plug your desktop into the power strip.

TRU Computers believes that THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY to treat our customers – Fairly – Honestly – and Openly.

When a computer repair shop charges a fee for their diagnosis they are forcing you to put your money in THEIR pocket! Our experience, and we believe yours, is that knowing the cost before you start spending your hard earned dollars is the best policy – and FREE DIAGNOSIS* is a better policy!


*FREE DIAGNOSIS is limited to general diagnosis. If disassembly is required to further diagnose an issue, mainly laptop or all-in-one disassembly, there is a fee of $30 for this service. This fee can be applied to the total cost of repair.