Fraud Alert: Fake Callers Are Trying to Get Your Credit Card Numbers

Malware Removal Pittsburgh

In the modern world, it seems every time you turn around you are at threat of falling victim to some sort of data breach. You buy a T-shirt at your favorite department store, use your debit card to purchase, and a week later you receive an email from their corporate headquarters notifying you (and several million others) that your bank account was compromised. When it comes to a corporate breach it’s very hard for the consumer to protect themselves, but what happens when the breach occurs inside your own home?
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Do you really need Virus Protection?

Pittsburgh Virus Removal ServicesDo you really need Virus Protection?

In the age of computer hacking we live in constant fear that something is lurking in the cyber-space shadows waiting to break into to our home computer. Developed to wage war against the new threats of the Information Age, software companies created anti-virus programs to prevent, detect and remove malicious software from today’s computers. Though the term “anti-virus” is somewhat outdated, discussions about home computer safety still goes hand-in-hand with these software protection programs and most of us cringe at the thought of using a computer equipped without one.
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